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Pulse Cloud Business

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Download and install Pulse on your servers

Use on unlimited domains

Get to use Pulse on unlimited sites for you and your clients. Regular code updates for the length of your subscription, including major free updates like Pulse 5 as soon as it drops.

apps to give your Pulse extra power

Manage all Pulse installs, your new serial number and client sites from your shiny new Pulse dashboard. Get apps for more power such as: Dropkick, Sushi, Peek and Threeways.

drag and drop contact forms 

Build forms with Just Forms for your Pulse sites. Drag & drop and embed them quickly and easily allowing you to make multi-page contact forms, questionnaires and registrations in your sites.

premium addons and themes

Along with complete unobfuscated codebase to use on any server, and priority support, you also get premium Pulse addons (themes and plugins) to use on your site with more on the way.

$ 16

Make as many Pulse sites as you want for you and your clients. 
($23 sign up fee required)

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And all the things you love about Pulse


As good as hand coded pages


Performance and fast to build

Over 4,000

Happy clients


Not much you can't do


Just upload that's it


SSL ready and safe CMS

Loved by many

  • Designers
    — Sarah Fernandes, Designer
    ”Really flexible and easy to use. My clients love editing their sites - Pulse has become my new standard ‘go-to’ CMS for great looking websites.“
  • Developers
    — Dave Kotze, Front-end Developer
    “I've been using Pulse CMS for client work for a couple of years now - it's always quick and easy to add my custom template and is backed up by amazing support.”

A few common questions

  • How long is the contract?

    Pulse plans are paid monthly. We make it simple to start — and stop — your service at any time.

  • Do I need hosting?

    Yes. This plan assumes you or a client already have a place to host your site and can upload the files to install Pulse. It's really easy and only requires a PHP Apache server (shared hosting is fine).

  • How much is it?

    It's $39 for the first month to start using Pulse, then $16 per month thereafter to keep the sites activate and the updates coming in.

  • Can I cancel anytime?

    Canceling Pulse Cloud is an easy and no-questions-asked process. It's done online right from your cloud dashboard.

    Any cancelled accounts will no longer receive cloud benefits such as free updates, new addons, the dashboard to manage your sites will be closed, you'll no longer be able to install new Pulse sites with the current serial number and there'll be no more priority support. Also, all Just Forms embeds will cease to work and apps access will be closed 😪

  • What happens to my Pulse sites then?

    Any sites you've made during that time will remain active, but you won't be able to make anymore and won't get any Pulse feature and bug updates. So we recommend you stick around!

  • How can I get Pulse updates?

    For as long as you are a cloud member, they will appear as if by magic in your Pulse Cloud dashboard and you just download, then upload and update your sites on your schedule. The updates are easy to locate, track and manage without having to look for it anymore.

  • What about managing serial numbers and multi-sites?

    Your Pulse sites are now managed from your Pulse dashboard. Activate sites against your serial number and have a convenient list of all managed sites to keep a track of your clients and personal sites in production.

  • What is meant by "use on unlimited domains"?

    You can install Pulse on as many domains, servers, sites and sub-domains as you wish. It's yours to build, create and become a staple part of your web building business arsenal.

  • Can I use my domain?

    Yes. You can bring your own domain from any place.

  • Can I add hosted sites later?

    Of course. As you make more sites for yourself or your clients, if you no longer want to host by yourself for a project or all sites, just add them from your dashboard and we'll create hosted Pulse sites for you under the same roof. These can sit alongside your hosted Pulse installs.